Cut - The Most Important "C"

The Definitive Word on diamond quality is CUT. cut diamonds

Size matters, of course, but it's the cut that makes the difference in diamonds. The quality of a diamond's fire and brilliance is defined by its proportions. More important than color, clarity and caratweight, the cut will determine whether a diamond withstands the test of time in beauty and value. Have confidence in knowing that every Hannon Diamond is hand-selected by experts in search of that WOW! effect. Cut refers to the facet proportions on the surface of a diamond. More than any other factor, the precision of these facets determines the beauty of the diamond.

With a Hannon diamond, you can visually see it's worth and great value.

The term "cut" is sometimes confused with the shape of the diamond. However, cut refers a diamond's proportions, finish, and symmetry. All of these greatly affect the overall appearance of the stone. While nature influences the internal qualities of a diamond, it takes a master cutter to reveal a stone's true brilliance, fire, and beauty.

When a diamond is cut to ideal proportions, light reflects from one facet to another and then radiates through the top of the stone. This not only allows for maximum fire and amazing brilliance, but it also makes the diamond look larger than one that is cut too deep. This is guaranteed to create the "WOW" effect!

If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, light escapes from the stone, thus reducing its fire and brilliance, and ultimately, its value.

To maximize the sparkle, brilliance and beauty of your stone, cut quality is absolutely critical to consider when selecting the right diamond. Without ideal proportions, a diamond will look dull and lifeless.