Our History

“Earning our customer's trust is what we do best.”

The Jirón-Hannon family has a long tradition in the fine art of designing and manufacturing fine jewelry. The family business has weathered many life-storms: earthquakes, economic instability, war and forced relocations. However, God has blessed us, guided us and protected us each time.


My Grandmother, Catalina Acevedo Rueda (1908-1987) and her husband Miguel Lopez first opened our family business, Joyeria Lopez, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A few years later they moved back to their loved capital city of Managua, Nicaragua. By 1953, Joyeria Lopez was one of the best-known jewelry stores in Managua. Many Nicaraguan fine craftsmen were trained at my Grandmother's shop.


During the night of December 23-24, 1972, two powerful earthquakes destroyed most of the Capital city of Managua, including Joyeria Lopez. Reportedly, more than 12,000 people died that night. However, we will never know for sure the actual cost in human lives, suffering and other casualties of this tragedy.


In the summer of October, my mother Emperatriz Hannon Jirón (1930-2003) re-opened and continued the family business in the garage of our Managua home, located in a residential neighborhood called Barrio Bolonia. The store grew steadily those years despite the economic, social and political instability of the country.


During 1978 - 1979, Nicaragua was afflicted by a civil war. Once again in the history of this small Central America country, brothers were killing each other. The forces of Sandinismo, aided by some international powers, took the official control of Nicaragua on July 19, 1979. This new political ideology in government changed the social-political and economic landscape of this small country and forced a large portion of the population of Nicaragua into exile. It is estimated that more people died as a result of this war than the effects of the earthquake of 1972. The new Nicaraguan government confiscated our family property. The communist forces made three attempts against my life during that period of 1979. As a result, we had no choice but to receive the welcoming and safety of the good people of United States and Louisiana. However, no one could take our faith in God, experience, determination and education.


Therefore, once again (and for the fourth time in our family business history) we started all over again, this time in the capital city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My daughter Patricia was only 29 days old when we had the blessing ceremony for the store on the beautiful and bright day of Friday, July 31, 1981. The following Monday, August 3, we officially opened for business as Hannon Fine Jewelers at 5207 Essen Lane.


In November 2001, God blessed us once again and as a celebration for our 20th anniversary, we moved to our custom-designed present location at 8430 Bluebonnet Boulevard.

Bayardo Hannon Jirón, SBG
Master Jeweler
Graduate Gemologist - GIA
Certified Gemologist Appraiser- AGS