How to Get Her Ring Size

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Measuring the width of your finger is a simple process if the proper tool is used. However, your finger size can vary from day to day depending on many different factors. There is no simple answer to this question because our bodies - including our fingers - expand and contract with the changes in the weather, environment, the food we eat, medical conditions, and many other reasons from morning to evening.

To measure one's finger, a professional jeweler must take in consideration the type of ring, its physical dimensions and if the ring will be worn on the right or left hand. For instance, a wide band will need a larger finger size due to the increased friction on the skin. An internally hollow band will need a tighter sizing than a solid one. A band with a flat wall inside will need a more loose fit compared to a comfort fit band.

The job of a professional jeweler is to find the proper average size that will feel good on a customer's hand during all four seasons of the year in the area where the person lives. For this reason, Hannon Jewelers offers a free ring adjustment to our customer's new engagement rings to allow new couples time to become familiar with the changes of their finger size, depending upon the season.

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