How to care for your pearls

To ensure that your fine pearls' beauty last several lifetimes, we suggest a few simple points of pearl care:

  • Put pearls on last, after applying makeup and hair spray. As an organic gem, pearls can be affected by cosmetics, perfume, hair spray and natural body oils that tend to build up with constant wear.
  • After some use, wipe them with a damp (not wet) soft cloth.
  • To avoid scratching the pearls, do not wear or store with other pieces of jewelry.
  • Restring the pearls. Hannon Jewelers cultured pearls necklace and bracelets are strung with high quality silk thread for both strength and beauty. The silk thread is finely knotted between the pearls to protect them from rubbing against one another and also to keep the pearls from scattering, should the string break.
  • Hannon Jewelers advises to restring your pearl jewelry once a year. We use a high quality silk thread for both strength and beauty. Constant wear weaken the necklace string. Therefore, it is advisable to have your necklace or bracelet restrung when the silk thread becomes soiled or frayed or at least once a year.  Doing this well help prevent the item from breaking.
  • Do not use a liquid jewelry cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning your pearls. We sell a specially formulated chemical to clean your pearls. Also be careful with commercial jewelry cleaners. Many jewelry cleaners contain ammonia, which cannot be used on cultured pearls.
jewelry cleaner

Delicate Gem & Pearl Cleaner

We carry the Blitz Delicate Gem Pearl Cleaner. It is formulated to gently clean and restore the luster to emerald, ivory, onyx, opal, pearl, turquoise, lapis, coral, malachite and other porous precious and semi-precious gem jewelry. Detergents and other harsh chemicals can soak into the cord inside the pearls, ruin precious stones and otherwise don't get rinsed out, deteriorating the cord and your precious stones.

While you can usually use a soft brush, like the brush included in every bottle of Blitz jewelry cleaner, to GENTLY loosen dirt from around a pearl or setting, or in the back of one, be careful with this, so as not to loosen the setting don't use toothpaste or any other abrasive cleaner on that brush. Use this delicate Gem and Pearl Cleaner for any of the materials listed above.