Watch Repair

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We offer many different watch services depending on the brand of your watch and the repair and maintained needed. Read Frequently Asked Questions about watches.

In House Service:

We can change most watch batteries while you wait. This service does not provide for water testing and water seals. Therefore, we cannot guarantee watches to be water resistant after this procedure is done due to possible worn internal gaskets.

Local Watch Technician:

We have two experienced and accredited local watch technicians to service your watch. We can send your watch for evaluation. Our technician personally picks up and delivers our watches twice a week. We will contact you for your approval before any service is performed on your watch. We have a one-year warranty for most services provided under this system. For water and pressure testing of watches, our watch technician can change batteries and gaskets as needed, and will perform water and pressure testing of your watch. For Rolex and other brand name watches, we can service your watch by our accredited local technician, who is trained by Rolex and other specialty watch brands. Our technician will service your watch according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Service by Factory Approved Centers:

For Rolex watches, we can send your watch to the Rolex Service Center, currently located in Dallas, Texas, to be evaluated and repaired by their own Rolex technicians. With your approval, we will insure your watch by the postal carrier, mail it and communicate with you of their findings. We will bill you for the work done plus the postage, insurance and handling. Most services provided by Rolex factory centers offer a one-year warranty.

Watch Repair Policy:

Watch repairs require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $25.00. The deposit may be applied to any work done to the watch. Any Cleaning, Oiling and Adjustment (COA) or replacement of watch movement has a 6-month warranty on the movement of the watch. Special conditions apply for watches sent to the factory. For battery replacement, Hannon Jewelers is not responsible for water resistant watches after battery change if we do not perform a water test.

Please contact us at 225-766-8242 for more information.